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Pete Curley

New HipChat app icons, take two!

By Pete Curley | 3 months ago | 23 Comments

After months of hard work, our team was really excited to announce 1-1 video chat and screen sharing for all of the apps. However, that news was completely overshadowed by another change: a new logo and app icon.

This is our new logo and the controversial OS X app icon we released a few days ago:

New logo Controversial OS X icon

The feedback was as plentiful as it was negative. 

There were hundreds of tweets about how ugly the icon was. Hundreds.

The weird thing is, we agree. So how did this happen?

The original goal of the new logo was to align it with the rest of the Atlassian tools. I think we achieved that and came up with a solid logo. The problem came with the implementation of the app icons themselves.

You could look at the feedback and say “people hate change” which is often true. But the problem here was that a large part of our team feels the exact same way as our users. There were two schools of thought when it came to the icon:

School #1 – “Consistency means the icon is the same on every device.”

School #2 – “Consistency means it pays homage to the style/design while respecting the look and feel of each OS.”

We fought. We argued. We gave each other the silent treatment, then argued some more. In the end, we chose option #1. But hey, if it sucks, we can fix it. We have zero problem admitting we made a mistake.

We made a mistake. The app icon sucks. Today we’re fixing it.

Lesson learned: respect the design guidelines and recommendations put forth by each operating system, even if you have to sacrifice your own internal guidelines. No one wants to see an OS X icon that looks like it belongs on iPhone, and people certainly don’t want to see an Android app with an iOS style icon. The part that made me both happy and sad was that people on Twitter proposed an alternative design, and it’s almost the exact app icon that we decided not to use in the first place (and I have the PSD’s to prove it!).

Here’s the the new app icon we’re releasing today for the desktop apps:

The new NEW OS X icon

It may seem that having hundreds of tweets shitting on your icon is a bad thing. Sure – it bummed us out, but it means our customers are passionate and they fucking care. It also means our team members that argued for the ugly icon have to buy the rest of the team a big box of apology donuts.

So let us know what you think of the new icons. I can’t promise we won’t make mistakes in the future, but I can guarantee we’ll own up to them and make things right.

Jeff Park

Winter is coming — HipChat Game Of Thrones emoticon pack!

By Jeff Park | 4 months ago | 10 Comments

zOMG… did you guys catch last night’s episode of Game of Thrones?!

We here at HipChat have been going gaga over the new season and we’ve been chatting all about it. Pete was so excited that he created some Game Of Thrones emoticons this weekend, and we’re making them available to everyone.

 (hodor) - (hodor) | (tyrian) – (tyrion) |  (jaime) – (jaime) | (ned) – (ned) | (jonsnow) – (jonsnow)

 (daenerys) – (daenerys) | (joffrey)  – (joffrey)| (tywin) - (tywin) | (arya) – (arya)


Elena Gorman

Help us raise money for charity (and win a system-wide emoticon)

By Elena Gorman | 7 months ago | 1 Comment

Help us raise funds for the Room to Read  and share your custom emoticon with the world.

Starting today, the HipChat team will open bidding on a universal HipChat emoticon via

We’re starting the bidding at $250.  Yes, that’s a lot of money for something you can create on your own for private use. The kicker here is that your emoticon would become part of every HipChat experience.

Universal? Go into any HipChat room and type (dealwithit). You’ll see this guy 

Everyone sees him because he is system-wide.

How it works

  1. Place your bid at
  2. If you win, our co-founder, Pete, will help you with your design.
  3. We’ll make sure everyone knows about it via our newsletter, blog, social media and lobby messages.

Of course, we reserve the right to refuse any content we deem inappropriate.

The cause

Our parent company, Atlassian, has set the goal of raising funds to benefit the  Room to Read Girls’ Education Program in Cambodia.

Our team believes in this cause and the organization behind it. We sent 11 staff members to check out the program personally.


Atlassians have created some epic emoticons for internal use. Most of them reflect inside jokes.  They are also a great way to build camaraderie.

We’ve got an incredible Events Manager named Rudy who owns a panda suit. He’s got his own emoticon (rudy) that makes everyone smile 

We also created emoticons based on our company values. The first of which is open company, no bullshit. So Atlassians type (nobullshit) and see 

We know you’ve got some good ones too…

So let’s merge forces to raise money for a great cause. The auction lasts until February 13th. Bid now!

Joseph Shipp

Dear Designer(s) not using HipChat

By Joseph Shipp | 12 months ago | 5 Comments

Dear Designer(s) not using HipChat,

I am a visual designer at Atlassian. The HipChat team has encouraged me to share how I use HipChat to make my job easier and overall more awesome. Basically, it’s a magical tool that’s become an essential part of my design process. From concept to launch, HipChat is there.

8 ways HipChat helps my design team communicate

1. Find some awesome inspiration for that project? Share it with your team on HipChat.

2. Need to send mockups to your Art Director? HipChat it on over.

3. Need quick signoff on a concept? HipChat gots your back.

4. You just left the office and you just realized that you misspelled something in that mockup you just sent over? HipChat mobile will let them know you’re on top of it ASAP.

5. The background color on the website your developer is building is f@*%ing wrong? HipChat that HEX on over.

6. Can’t find that JIRA ticket? HipChat knows.

7. Need to send that PSD file over to your dev? You guessed it.

8. You express your emotions visually and words just don’t cut it? HipChat has awesome emoticons. Plus, you can design 25 of your own!

In conclusion, HipChat will not make you a better designer, but it will make you a better communicator. And great design comes from great communication.


Jeff Park

The Winners Please…

By Jeff Park | 1 year ago | 7 Comments

Last month we threw down a challenge – “You can probably design a better t-shirt than our founder”. What did we learn? Our customers have some serious game. Even now that the contest has come to an end, we’re still blown away by the quantity and quality of submissions.

When we first started this contest, we told ourselves that we’d be lucky if we received 40 entries. 439 entries later, we are in awe with the creativity and love that everyone exhibited with their designs.

The final verdict

Our judges had a difficult – and enjoyable – time sifting through every entry to pick winners. Without further ado, here are our winners. Please join me in congratulating these talented artists.

‘Best of the Week’

With quality after quality submission each and every week we had to give away a weekly prize.

Congrats to our weekly winners – Daniel LuengoJ.J. LuSylvia Lin, and Mike Peters.

Prize: Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small Pen Tablet and a one year subscription to WIRED magazine

Most Votes by the Community – “King HipChat”

The public has spoken, and Miroslaw Zyszczynski’s King HipChat received the most votes. Long live the king.

Prize: Adobe Creative Cloud Complete Individual Year Subscription, HipChat T-shirt of your choice, and the T-shirt you designed

Funniest – “Dat Chat”

We can’t stop chuckling whenever we see this design. We love memes, so way to cleverly use one to crack a laugh. You go Brent Palmer!

Prize: Adobe Creative Cloud Complete Individual Year Subscription, HipChat T-shirt of your choice, and the T-shirt you designed

Most Creative – “Better Than Pete’s”

Daniel Chae’s “Better than Pete’s” takes home the prize for Most Creative. Daniel took the time to hand-draw the individual bubbles (incredible!).

We were very impressed with the detail and work put into this design. Great job, Daniel!

Prize: Adobe Creative Cloud Complete Individual Year Subscription, HipChat T-shirt of your choice, and the T-shirt you designed

Grand Prize – “TreeChat”

The grand prize goes to TreeChat by Vanja Mrgan. Our judges all agreed that his submission was wistfully beautiful, and we were astonished at its magnificence.

Congratulations Vanja and great work!

Prize: 15″ 2.4 GHz Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display, HipChat T-shirt of your choice, and the T-shirt you designed

Each winner will receive an email from us in the next couple of days to discuss next steps.

So, can you design a better t-shirt than our founder?

It’s pretty clear isn’t it? This contest would be nothing without you guys, and we hope that you had a lot of fun designing these t-shirts. We really appreciate your love and we will continue to work hard to build the best chat service to improve your team’s communication and collaboration.

Thanks guys. Live long and HipChat.