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A Whole New HipChat for Android

2 months ago Seth Gholson 6 Comments

HipChat is all about connecting teams in the office, but we also have you covered when you’re on the go. We have a new  update for serious Android fans (and for not so serious fans). On the surface, you’ll notice we’ve pulled in material design. But we didn’t just slap on a new coat of paint, we re-architected the whole darn thing to be entirely native, and while we were at it, added stream compression (because we’re going for extra credit on this assignment).

Good-bye Web View, Hello Native

Being native provides benefits that you are going to notice right away. The app is now a lot smarter about your messages. We can let you know if your message failed and inform you if you’re still connecting. You’ll know if you’re looking at the latest set of messages or if some more need to load. Added bonus, the app respects your system preferences for fonts.

It also makes HipChat faster than ever. Your messages load with great haste and switching between rooms is nice and smooth. Back when we used webview the app spent time loading the initial HTML/javascript/CSS, then building javascript calls, and then executing them on the main thread. We’re not doing that anymore so we can get you chatting faster. If you want to geek out about testing, well, we improved that too. This means squashed bugs will stay squashed, we’ll have better edge case handling and be able to speed up our delivery of new features that you want to use. That feels good.

HipChat Android Material Design


Now about that Material design

Of course, you’ll notice the bright colors, animations, and transitions you’ve come to expect from material design. We’ve moved a few things around to make it quicker and easier to get chatting. When you open the app, the new homescreen lists all your active rooms and 1-1 conversations. Notice the green button in the lower right? Tap that to easily find rooms or start new conversations with your teammates. If you’re done with a room or a chat, all you have to do is swipe it away to close it. The left drawer now contains your beautiful face (or your avatar of choice), account info and access to your preferences. Once you’re in a chat, the redesigned chat view now makes your files, links, and messages easier to read and more consistent. What else? Thanks to Lollipop’s heads-up notifications, it’s now easier to see when someone mentions you in a room or you have an incoming call.

HipChat Android Material Design 2

Save that data for a rainy day

We’ve added two features that will help us play nice with your data plan. First, we will stop loading all images in the entire chat log. Phew. Second, we rolled out XEP-0138: Stream Compression support on our XMPP servers (that’s our fav flavor of compression). The new Android app takes full advantage of this new server feature. In our experiments, we’ve seen compression ratios from 3:1 to over 9:1 (awyeah). Keep an eye on your data usage from HipChat; we’d love to know if you see a reduction after this update.

We’re proud of our new Android upgrades, and this is only the beginning. We’ve got lots more planned for the rest of the year. Stay tuned.

Ready for it? Get the latest app here

Hall joins HipChat

2 months ago Jonathan Nolen 1 Comment

blog-headerWe’re excited to announce that Atlassian has acquired Hall – a group chat service for business teams.

In Hall, we found a fiercely talented team that shares HipChat’s passion for improving the way teams communicate. We both believe that real-time, group chat transforms the way teams collaborate, builds stronger culture, and helps teams get work done faster.

Hall has spent the last four years building a product that helps teams do exactly that – right down the road from our San Francisco office. As we watched Hall grow, we became convinced that we should tackle this mission together.

Starting today, the Hall team is part of the HipChat family.

The HipChat team has been pouring our hearts, energy, and a more than a few sleepless nights into a building a product that transforms the way you work. And this has made HipChat into an industry leader in team communication.

In the last three months, we’ve introduced a brand new web experience for HipChat. We brought HipChat behind the firewall. We launched integrations with JIRA, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting Free, Appear, Twitter, and more. We’ve made dramatic improvements to HipChat’s stability. We’ve shipped updates for iOS and Mac and launched a new Android beta. And we brought HipChat to the Apple Watch. As you read this we are furiously working on updates to Windows and Linux as well as multi-account support.

In the past month we also acquired BlueJimp, who will take our video chat capabilities to the next level. And now we’ve added the Hall team. We have ambitious plans for the coming year, and our new teammates will help us deliver.

You are going to love what we’re building.

HipChat acquires Blue Jimp &

3 months ago Joe Lopez 5 Comments

Blue Jimp + Atlassian


HipChat’s got news:

We’ve acquired Blue Jimp, the mastermind team behind the Jitsi Community.

Jitsi is an open source project that includes the WebRTC Jitsi Videobridge, among other technologies. The Jitsi Videobridge relays video rather than mixing it which provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency. These are very good things.

HipChat currently supports 1:1 video in our HipChat Plus and HipChat Server offerings. Blue Jimp brings a strong team of developers doing incredible things with group video chat, and we’re excited to welcome them into the Atlassian family. Blue Jimp’s technology and expertise will make HipChat stronger and enable us to expand our video capabilities, all while improving your experience.

More folks than ever are using HipChat. Teams around the world are connecting, co-workers share billions of messages, and we’ve helped re-invent how work gets done. But, with all of our rapid growth, we have to continue strengthening the overall HipChat experience; we cannot rest on our laurels.

HipChat is moving faster than we ever anticipated – it’s absolutely incredible.

Investing in the Jitsi open source community

Partnering with Blue Jimp allows us to improve HipChat’s experience, head to toe – but it also gives us options for the future. Jitsi now has the resources to challenge just how good video can look in 1:1 chat, and in a group setting.

The best way to keep Jitsi innovative is keeping it open and in the hands of those who created it in the first place: the open source community.

In order to maintain the spirit of Jitsi’s open source community, Atlassian and HipChat will continue to support and invest in the project. We’ve got real love and appreciation for the work Blue Jimp and Jitsi community have done.

This is only the beginning. Can you tell we’re excited?

We want to hear from you! [Survey]

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Do you want more geeky technical stuff?
Do you like the fun stuff about holidays or hot dog eating contests?
Do you like Customer Stories?
Do you want more photos of cats eating tacos?

Do you want to see long form, Slate styled journalistic pieces relating to different people in the tech world? Maybe you’d like to learn about teams who use HipChat and what makes them successful, or maybe you’ve got a topical idea you’d like to see in print. Lay it on us – we’re all ears.

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We wanna know what you want to see, because we want to give you the news and information that’s important. Readers, users, friends, pals and general well-wishers, this is your chance to speak out and give us some feedback.


Exploding Kittens is Coming to HipChat

The Internet loves two things: cats and memes. Combine the two and worlds collide while raising a crazy amount of cash.

In case you don’t keep up with your geek-internet news, Exploding Kittens is a card game that broke Kickstarter. Created by video game designers Elan Lee, Shane Small and illustrated by Matthew Inman–the crazy person behind The Oatmeal—Exploding Kittens has gone nuclear.

Look at all the articles written about them.

With an original goal of $10K, Exploding Kittens saw its goal shattered within moments of going live. Within days, it reached a million dollars, and days after that; it’s raised over eight million dollars.

Exploding Kittens is the most funded, most backed project ever on Kickstarter. It even beat the Veronica Mars movies and Reading Rainbow.

At its core, Exploding Kittens is not a suicidal cat card game, but a fun game dealing with complexities of cat behavior, while also utilizing tools like tacos, weaponized back hair, goats and magical pig wizards. It’s all about the luck of the draw mixed with strategy and the ability to be friendly to other players or be mean. It’s easy to see why it’s been so successful.

The video from Kickstarter

When we got word of Exploding Kittens, we wanted in. So, HipChat put its money where it’s mouth is, and we backed the ultra-exclusive perk of The Deck of Legends, which means we get three custom designed cards. Only five of the Deck of Legends perks were available. Statistically, it’s easier to get bitten by a shark than it was to score this perk*

We need your help

And here’s where you come in: We need help coming up with designs that reflect HipChat and our quest for fun. Whatever three designs get picked, we’ll make into emoticons. What makes you think of HipChat? Get creative – is it a HipChat geek fighting a sloppy burrito? Or maybe it’s George Washington looking at his emoticon and crying. Who knows!

Let’s see your ideas, show us a drawing or cool idea in the comments of this Facebook post.


*We made that stat up, but it seems legit


More updates. More teams. And more on the way!

Updates Galore

The last few weeks have been huge for HipChat. First, we changed the office communications game: we unleashed HipChat Server. What’s HipChat Server you ask?

If you’re a big company requiring hush-hush security, we’ve got you covered. You can now use HipChat behind the firewall, on your terms. No longer do you have to communicate by boring old email: HipChat Server is here to save the day.

Web client users, we’ve got what you’ve been waiting for: an update!

Hop over to and check out the brand spanking new web client. It’s beautiful in your browser and offers a ton of new features. We’re proud of it. (Windows, Android and Linux users, your updates are around the corner.)

Coming soon: HipChat with multiple teams!

It’s been a long time coming, but you’ll finally be able to talk with multiple teams, at the same time. Finally!

No longer will you have to sign in and out of HipChat when collaborating; all of your groups will be at your fingertips. We’re really, really excited for this launch.

We’ve been working on it for a few months already, and it’s coming together quite nicely. There’s still some work to go, but we’re planning to conduct a beta run for the Mac client in the near future.

To get first dibs on the beta, go vote on the feature request. When you cast your vote, you also sign up for notifications about this feature. Progress reports and beta details are coming soon, so stay tuned.

And that’s not all

In 2014, the HipChat team grew by leaps and bounds; there are a lot new faces joining us in the HipChat revolution. And our new Austin office is brimming with creative, energetic people doing phenomenal things. (P.S. We’re always hiring)

This is the first of lots of exciting updates on the way. We’ve got a lot planned, so strap in because 2015 is going to get even bigger.

Humanity Through the Power of Software and Education

Last week we launched HipChat Server and a few folks asked why the starter license was such a different price point than the rest of the licensing options – for a small business HipChat Server is only $10 for 10 users. All money earned from the Starter Licenses goes directly to Atlassian Foundation charities.

When we were a small company, Atlassian made a choice: become a faceless corporation like everyone else, or use our resources to change the lives of those who need it the most. It’s our company culture to invest in people, to help make the world a better place, not because it’s the cool thing to do – but because it’s the right thing to do.

Back in the day, we made a philanthropic pledge: divert 1% across the board.
We channel 1% of our equity, product, profit and employee time to charitable causes. We made this pledge publicly so we’d be held accountable.

Room to Read Visit November 22, 2013

No going back on our word

The Atlassian Foundation is our philanthropic central hub, where we showcase our successes along with our goals for future projects.

In 2011, we partnered with Room to Read, and together, we’ve provided students in Cambodia with the opportunity to fortify their education. In our first year, we earned over a million dollars, and every year since we’ve outperformed projected donations.

Cambodia has been our focus; rebuilding schools, restocking libraries, while helping education flourish once again.
When the Khmer Rouge was in power, books were burned, libraries demolished and facets of an educated population were imprisoned or destroyed – all in an attempt to stifle an intelligent uprising.

Education is key

Education is everything; everyone deserves a place to learn and grow. Schools are incubators of the greatest minds.
Atlassian is actively looking to partner with other companies, founders and leaders to continue changing lives because we believe education is the most significant investment possible.

Collaborating with local Not For Profits, too

We also work closely with many not-for-profit organizations and offer a charitable discount on both HipChat Cloud and Server so long as they meet the requirements.
Philanthropy is a huge part of our success as a brand, and as the years go by, we’ll continue serving the people, helping to change the world and do more every day.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Four Billion Messages Sent

Chart of 4 Billion Messages Sent

4 Billion Messages Sent

HipChat is in beast mode.

In 2013, we sent one billion messages. 2014? Try FOUR BILLION. That’s a massive, crazy, insane increase in people communicating. We’re moonwalking in celebration.

We’ve had to step up our scalability game, and the challenge has been not only fulfilling, but exciting.

When Atlassian scored HipChat, the usage was itty bitty – 110 million messages sent. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but think of how many texts you send every day. What we saw in HipChat was a blank slate, a tool that could change how office communication happens. There was so much there, so we made the commitment to giving folks the best possible tool for sharing information and we haven’t looked back since.

That was then; this is now

Right now, we’re making significant adjustments and working on Top Secret projects to increase our usage, and to provide a chat experience that’s unmatched. We’ve made it our mission to bring the HipChat experience to everyone, on as many platforms as possible.

We’re getting closer to a Linux 3.0 launch; we’re continually updating the Mac and iOS clients, as well as making waves with Android. Windows users aren’t too far behind, either. We also made HipChat malleable with all of Atlassian’s tools, as well as fortified our compatibility with other software. HipChat’s message game is strong.

The HipChat hustle = changing office culture and taking names

In 2015, we have big plans to make another monster increase in how many folks choose the HipChat way of life. While we love when an Enterprise team adopts us, this year, we’re looking forward to working with smaller groups, proving that just because you’re not a multi-national corporation, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best communication experience possible.

We want to work with artists, gaming companies, record labels to become the chat client of the creative class. By working with the folks continually pushing the limits of what it means to be “creative” we have the opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and see what a whole different world of users would like to see from us.

Go big or go home

Going from one to four billion messages sent in a single year was a major test for our developers, as well as HipChat’s infrastructure. Scaling the tool was an undertaking, but as we’re growing, we’ve brought on some folks that will tackle any issue that comes our way.

Our index is also reaching great heights; HipChat offers seachability that extends near the four billion mark as well. So, if you need to find your conversation from a few months ago, it’s all there. (Lawyers just love that!)

We’re focused more than ever on building our monthly users and making sure all of our user’s needs are met by engaging them and solving issues together, actively working toward a community that’s organic, heartfelt and works as one.

Four billion messages in 2014 and in 2015, we’re aiming for the World Champion of Chat title. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Top 10 HipChat Highlights from 2014

2014 has been a massive year for HipChat. Thanks mostly to a rock star team and ever-growing amount of awesome customers, we exceeded a lot of the high expectations we had entering the year.

As we prepare for what will be an even bigger 2015, we wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the achievements that we’re especially proud of from the past year.

We give you the Top 10 moments of 2014:

10. New HipChat logo

Say goodbye to the ongoing argument of whose logo came first: HipChat vs. Apple. We wanted a fresh look, something identifiably ours.

The new HipChat logo is more in line with the look and feel of the Atlassian family and signals uniformity and consistency across all our products. We found exactly what we were looking for in this new logo. You should probably get a sticker for your car.

9. We met all of the people

HipChat was everywhere this year. From Web Summit, to TC Disrupt (SF, London), Atlassian Summit, Roadtrip, and even SXSW. If there were people talking about tech, we were there.

We met hundreds of customers, gave out tons of t-shirts, and learned what you guys want more of, and improvements we can make. Plan on seeing us in even more places in 2015. We have lots of t-shirts and stickers to give away!

Web Summit

8. Bots, bots, bots, bots…

At Atlassian Summit we launched Bot Lab, offering access to some of the bots we’ve been designing for our own HipChat rooms. We’ve got some ultra cool bots in the lab that can help your team automate some of its everyday tasks.

There’s a mailroom Bot, a Bot to find memes, and even a Bot to help you find the best beer around.  Eat your heart out, Jetsons.

Bot Lab

7. Improved integrations

Anyone using HipChat knows that it’s more than instant messaging. We want HipChat to be the hub of communication for your team. That means making it just as easy for your software tools and business applications to notify you, as the person sitting next to you.

Our integrations our core to the HipChat experience and we’ve made it easier than ever to connect HipChat to your other tools to get push notifications and updates automatically sent to rooms.

We’ve worked especially hard to make the integrations between our Atlassian products more seamless than ever. We updated the Bitbucket and Confluence integrations this past year, and promise more great things are on the near horizon, *cough JIRA, and Bamboo users cough.*

New web dashboard in HipChat for integrations

6. iOS 8 apps like a boss

When Apple debuted iOS 8 this year, we knew we had to take advantage. The new HipChat iOS 8 app is beautiful, responsive and faster than ever. It’s like the Mercedes of mobile chat.

A fresh new chat view makes it easy to read your messages.A new home screen makes it easy to find your conversations.

5. Fresh paint job for Mac

The update to the Mac client was a major undertaking and the results so far have been fantastic. As much as we revamped the look and feel, we really strived to improve the user experience. Emoticon autocomplete, unread message counts, and local time recognition were all things that customers asked for and we provided.

The new search features make it easy to share everything in HipChat, knowing it will be easy to find later.

The new HipChat for Mac 3.0

4. HipChat adds video, audio, and screen sharing

Easily the biggest product announcement for HipChat in 2014, we now offer audio, video, and screen sharing. This is huge.

We’re a one-stop-shop for keeping in touch with folks around the globe or around the block. You can now do everything within HipChat, so there’s no need for multiple applications; it’s all right here at your fingertips.

Video Chat

3. HipChat is totally free or super cheap, it’s your call

This year we made HipChat Basic totally, 100% free. No tricks, no gimmicks. Free.

Want all the bells and whistles like video chat and audio options? HipChat Plus is a whopping…. $2 a month. That’s less than the tacos you had for lunch.
We think every team on the planet should be using HipChat to communicate more efficiently, and now every single team can afford to.

2. Over three billion messages and counting

In 2013, we passed a billion messages sent. In 2014, we doubled that number and then some.
Over three billion messages have been sent using HipChat. That’s a lot of people talking, sharing information and staying connected, from all over the globe. 2015’s goal? Many more billions, so keep chatting away!


1. New offices, new people, great times

HipChat is growing. Fast. Our new office in Austin is becoming one of the coolest places to work in the city, and well, really anywhere. New developers, UX designers, writers, community managers, all kinds of great people are coming together to help take HipChat to the next level. It’s an exciting time to be here. If you’re a user, you should get pumped, cause we totally are. Big things are happening.

HipChat Team

Thanks everyone for making this such a special year, and stay tuned. 2015 is going to big. Happy New Year!

End of an AIR-a (we’re killing the AIR app)

12 months ago Pete Curley 16 Comments

What’s happening?

Today we’re putting our old friend, the Adobe AIR app, into maintenance mode. This means that the AIR version of HipChat won’t receive any features or updates. In 90 days all AIR app users will be required to update to one of the new, native applications.

But don’t worry, we’re not actually killing the AIR app. We’re sending it to a big farm in the country where he’ll have lots of room to run and play.


This is a bittersweet moment for us. When we started HipChat five years ago, we made a big bet that chat services needed to have desktop apps. There weren’t many resources available to help our small team to write apps on all three major operating systems. We took a chance on Adobe AIR, and for the most part it was great for us. We wrote the app once and it ran (relatively) well on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Sure there were some quirks and we did a lot of work to make our Air app feel native. But Adobe AIR gave our users a solid desktop experience.

Unfortunately, AIR became less and less of a priority for Adobe over the years. When they stopped supporting Linux, we saw the writing on the wall. We began building native apps from scratch for all three platforms. We launched them in the summer and fall of 2013.

Since then we’ve added a lot of new functionality to our native apps: new layout with vertical tabs, 1-1 video and screen sharing, and greatly improved performance. So if you’re still using the AIR app, it’s time to say hello to the awesome new native apps.

What do I have to do?

If your HipChat looks like this:












You need to download the new app here:

If your HipChat looks like this (with tabs on the left side):













You’re on one of the new apps and don’t need to do anything.

We hope you enjoy the new apps, and we look forward to the cool new stuff we have planned for them coming up.

RIP AIR app (I apologize for the inclusion of Chris Brown, no Air Supply songs worked as well)