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Elena Gorman

Help us raise money for charity (and win a system-wide emoticon)

By Elena Gorman | 3 months ago | 0 Comments

Help us raise funds for the Room to Read  and share your custom emoticon with the world.

Starting today, the HipChat team will open bidding on a universal HipChat emoticon via

We’re starting the bidding at $250.  Yes, that’s a lot of money for something you can create on your own for private use. The kicker here is that your emoticon would become part of every HipChat experience.

Universal? Go into any HipChat room and type (dealwithit). You’ll see this guy 

Everyone sees him because he is system-wide.

How it works

  1. Place your bid at
  2. If you win, our co-founder, Pete, will help you with your design.
  3. We’ll make sure everyone knows about it via our newsletter, blog, social media and lobby messages.

Of course, we reserve the right to refuse any content we deem inappropriate.

The cause

Our parent company, Atlassian, has set the goal of raising funds to benefit the  Room to Read Girls’ Education Program in Cambodia.

Our team believes in this cause and the organization behind it. We sent 11 staff members to check out the program personally.


Atlassians have created some epic emoticons for internal use. Most of them reflect inside jokes.  They are also a great way to build camaraderie.

We’ve got an incredible Events Manager named Rudy who owns a panda suit. He’s got his own emoticon (rudy) that makes everyone smile 

We also created emoticons based on our company values. The first of which is open company, no bullshit. So Atlassians type (nobullshit) and see 

We know you’ve got some good ones too…

So let’s merge forces to raise money for a great cause. The auction lasts until February 13th. Bid now!

Jeff Park

5 HipChat Highlights from 2013

By Jeff Park | 4 months ago | 0 Comments

As we count down the waning seconds until 2014 begins, let’s reflect on what an amazing year 2013 was for HipChat.

5. HipChat T-shirt contest

Our t-shirts have always been popular with our customers, but with only 5 designs in our entire history, we were itching for some more cool designs to share with our customers. So in June, we threw a “You can probably design a better t-shirt than our founder” contest and enlisted your help. In just over 4 weeks, you all blew our expectations out of the water, as we received over 439 entries. Our judges were thoroughly impressed, and we had a hard time picking winners.

With these sick new designs, we’ve been distributing our new t-shirts at various events that we’ve attended. Look out for us at any conferences you attend, or you can go ahead and purchase our t-shirts at the Atlassian Swag Store.  Thanks to everyone who participated and made this contest a success!

4. 1 Billion Messages

A little more than 3.5 years after HipChat sent its first message, we sent our 1 billionth message this past October. We’ve achieved amazing growth in 2013, and our growth has a lot to do with the great customers that we’ve had. Our customers are dedicated, informed, and meticulous, as illustrated by the great feedback we receive at events, through social media channels, and our support channel. This feedback pushes us to build the best communication product for your team, and we thank you for that. Here’s to the next billion!

3. Native apps are out!

It took us a while to get off of Adobe AIR, but we came full force in 2013. We rebuilt HipChat to run natively on MacWindows, LinuxiOS, and Android. A huge endeavor, our developers worked hard to get these out the door. Once again, thanks to all of our customers and beta testers for pointing us in the right direction by finding bugs and testing our clients before release.

2. Free for teams of 5

In March, we made HipChat free for teams of 5 users or fewer. We started off as a small bootstrapped start-up, and we wanted to give back to that community. We understood first-hand how important the right tools are to growing a company, so it was a no brainer to offer HipChat for free to small teams.

1. Growing the team

Most fun to watch as HipChat has grown is the additions we’ve added to our team. HipChat started off as a team of 4. By the end of this year, we’ve grown to 22! And we’re still hiring!

(Our team in March 2012. It’s a lot bigger now!)

We’ve come a long way since December 31 2012… and there’s still a long way to go. As we announced at Atlassian Summit 2013, HipChat video capabilities and HipChat’s behind-the-firewall deployment are just around the corner, and we expect a whole lot more as the year goes on. We’re excited to see what we can do to improve communication for teams in 2014, and we hope you as well. Happy New Year!

Elena Gorman

HipChat ups the ante at Summit 2013

By Elena Gorman | 5 months ago | 4 Comments

We’ve been part of the Atlassian family for 18 months now. And it’s not like we’ve just been catching up on cat memes this whole time. Admittedly, we did spend some time on rejected BART ads.

But we’ve also had our heads-down improving HipChat. We’ve quadrupled our team size, rebuilt all our native apps from scratch and re-architected our backend to scale for hundreds of thousands of simultaneous chatters. Why?

We’ve been building up to Summit

All of these efforts lay the groundwork for what we previewed at Atlassian’s 2013 Summit.

Here’s the good stuff:

  • HipChat Server: 0:49
  • HipChat at scale: 3:50
  • HipChat Video: 6:50

And we think people liked it…

HipChat SOTU at Atlassian Summit 2013

Did we mention that we’re already at 1.2B messages?

About Atlassian Summit

If you’ve never been to Summit, it’s pretty wild. And it’s not because of the open bar. We fly in our top engineers from all over the globe to meet with Atlassian customers and showcase what’s to come from our entire portfolio.

Stay in the loop

We’re really excited about all the big things to come from HipChat. 2014 is going to be huge.

You can sign up to be one of the first to hear about any HipChat video updates by adding your name here. You can also add comments to our planned feature on

Elena Gorman

Thanks a Billion!

By Elena Gorman | 7 months ago | 9 Comments

HipChat Surpasses 1 Billion Messages Sent

It’s a momentous occasion for our team. Since joining Atlassian two years ago, our message volume has grown 10x. It took us 6 months to send our first 1 million messages. Now we do that every six hours. We’re blown away by this growth.

And we have our incredible community to thank.

See How HipChat has Grown

How did we achieve this incredible growth?

  • We’ve tripled the size of our team with dedicated support, product management and engineering talent.
  • We rebuilt all our clients from scratch – Android, iOS, Mac and web apps are all-new.
  • Our Ops team has migrated us to Elasticsearch to handle this message load.
  • Our community has given us awesome feedback on how to build a better platform.

No, really. It’s our Community.

We are grateful for the amazing HipChatters who help us make this product better every day. Our suggestion forum has over one thousand open ideas for improving HipChat. Many of these suggestions have thousands of votes and loads of thoughtful comments from over ten thousand users.

Help us maintain momentum

We need your help to continue building the best darn chat platform for teams. Let us know which features you care most about by voting for ideas on

We’ve got big things on the horizon (thanks to your votes) and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Special thanks

To the creator of (allthethings)

Jeff Park

Our BART ads – So close, yet so far.

By Jeff Park | 8 months ago | 12 Comments

We here at HipChat are big fans of billboards. We’ve done a couple already (here’s our first and second ones), and we love doing them. We are always tinkering with different messages that will capture an audience’s attention, and in our most recent foray, we decided to explore posters in San Francisco’s BART transit system. We wanted to send the message that HipChat is a terrific tool for working remotely, and what better audience to target this message to than to grumpy commuters?

To give you some background, while we were designing these ads, several BART-related incidents were happening at the time. BART workers threatened to strike. A crazy naked man assaulted passengers (the video is NSFW). Plus the everyday annoyances of any transit system: overcrowded trains, delays, dirty and smelly cars, you know. Needless to say, BART’s reputation wasn’t at a good place.

With help from our fellow designers at Atlassian, we thought we could help. We’d create some facetious ads, lightheartedly poking fun at the troubles of BART while endorsing the benefits of working from home. We get to promote HipChat; BART comes off as human. A win-win. The challenge was to strike the balance between these two goals, while staying relevant to frequent BART commuters. Here’s what we came up with:

BART ad 1

Our HipChat team loved them. Atlassian loved them. Even the ad guys loved them. Unfortunately, BART did not and promptly rejected these ads. They will not be running in BART, so we thought we’d share them with you. What do you think?