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Jeff Park

HipChat for Android 2.1

By Jeff Park | 7 months ago | 3 Comments

We’ve got another Android release for you guys, and it’s a pretty good one. We’ve added some features and improved the look and feel to provide a smoother user experience. Let’s dive in and see what’s new.

What’s New?

We’ve added a drop down menu to provide users quick access to room information, user information, files, and links.

HipChat for Android drop-down menu

You can now search chat history straight from your Android device.

HipChat for Android search history

Save precious screen real estate with image preview hiding.

HipChat for Android image preview hiding

We’ve also optimized HipChat for Android tablets.

HipChat for Android optimized for tablet

How can I get it?

If you have HipChat already installed, your Android device should automatically update the app. Otherwise, find it in our Play Store. If you wish to stay at the forefront of our HipChat for Android development, you can also download HipChat for Android beta in the Play Store today.

Doug Keen

HipChat for Android 2.0

By Doug Keen | 1 year ago | 5 Comments

Two months ago, we launched the beta of our newest iteration of HipChat for Android, our native Android client app. Since then, we’ve had more than 5,000 installations of the app and received some great feedback. Today, we’re stoked to announce that our beta client is finally ready for prime time! Introducing:

HipChat for Android 2.0

While we added a number of new features and performance enhancements, the biggest change you’ll notice is an entirely new user interface that better conforms to Android’s latest design guidelines.

This is no half-hearted port of an iOS app or a thin “native” wrapper around a web app. We treat Android as a first-class citizen around here, so this app is 100% native Android.

Don’t have the latest Android phone? That’s OK, you can still upgrade. All of this new hotness is compatible with Android 2.2 (froyo) and higher.

You should also know that this is just the beginning. We’ll continue to add new features and other improvements to the Android app well into the future, so feel free to keep the Beta installed if you want to stay on the bleeding edge.

Doug Keen

HipChat for Android Updates

By Doug Keen | 1 year ago | 15 Comments

Amid all the excitement over the release of the native Mac client, you may have missed the release of a long overdue update to our Android client. We put in a whole bunch of performance and reliability improvements, @ mention autocomplete, and finally fixed that obnoxious “save password” bug.

What may be more exciting is the release of our new Android Beta client.

Download the HipChat for Android beta

The biggest change you’ll notice is a complete Holo redesign (including the Action Bar pattern, thanks to Jake Wharton’s amazing ActionBarSherlock), but other new features include:

  • Capturing and sending photos
  • Sending other arbitrary files from your device
  • Real time lobby search

Better yet, just take a look for yourself:

Holo redesign Sending files Holo lobby Real-time search

We’d recommend enabling automatic updating if you install the Beta, since new features and fixes should roll out relatively quickly!

Download the HipChat for Android beta
Chris Rivers

Android update: July 3, 2012

By Chris Rivers | 2 years ago | 7 Comments

If you use the HipChat Android app regularly, you may have noticed some issues with crashes since our last update. Thanks to all our users that helped us figure out the issues and improve the app. After working through a few quirks with our beta distribution service, we’re happy to release our latest update of the HipChat Android app to Google Play.

This release is focused on fixing some particularly annoying crashes that were appearing in our previous update:

  • HipChat will no longer unexpectedly pop to the foreground! Sorry for all our users that experienced this issue.
  • Full names are now displayed in chat (to match the desktop client) – no more ambiguity with names.
  • Fix to avoid reconnect attempts when the sign-in screen is displayed (especially after entering an invalid email or password)
  • Various minor tweaks to avoid app crashes.

Hopefully, users notice a marked decline in crashing issues with this update. Give it a try! If you have any feedback, please let us know at

Chris Rivers

Android update: Apr 24, 2012

By Chris Rivers | 2 years ago | 4 Comments

Thanks to all the response we received to our request for beta testers, we’re excited to release our latest update of the HipChat Android app to Google Play.

Some major features included in the update:

  • Improved connection handling (and detection of disconnects)
  • Loading previous chat history
  • Hiding archived rooms in the Lobby
  • Lobby search
  • Support for s/// replacement

We hope that the update solves many of the issues reported by our users running the Android app. Give it a try! If you have any feedback, please let us know at