Stand up! How remote teams perform daily standups

| May 15, 2017

Anyone who works remotely knows the importance of staying in sync with teammates—to push through roadblocks, avoid duplicate work, and share updates. “Standups”—a daily routine in which every team member shares their progress—have become popular amongst technical teams, but the truth is that any and every team can (and will) benefit, especially dispersed teams.

With HipChat, doing standups remotely is simple. Here are just three ways that any team can create a healthy and simple standup routine.

Create a daily standup reminder

The first step is setting up a daily standup reminder. Use the Convergely integration to set it up in your team HipChat room.

Convergely integration for HipChat

Once you’ve got that scheduled, it’ll send a message in your room every day.

Convergely integration

Through the Convergely integration, you can pick the time, frequency, and message to be sent into a room. Set it up once, and never worry about it again.

If a daily standup seems too much, try weekly. The process is yours to own—we’re here to give you the tools to accomplish it.

Video chat to sync up with remote teammates

group video chat

Maybe some of your teammates are home sick. Or maybe they’re halfway across the world. Whatever the case may be, the result is that they can’t be physically in the room with you during your standup.

But that’s okay because group video chat lets you see each other face-to-face across any distance.

If you’re using HipChat Plus, you can do it right where you’re already collaborating, so there’s no need to download some outside browser extension or alt-tab between apps. HipChat’s video platform even gives you the the option to mute yourself while other teammates are giving their standup reports, and press the space bar to talk when it’s time for you to give yours.

If you’re using HipChat Basic, you still have plenty of options for free video chat integrations, like BlueJeansGoogle, and GoToMeeting. Choose the one that best suits your team’s needs, and video chat away!

Record reports with Standup Bot

Of course, even if you’re meeting face-to-face with video, you still need a place to record your standup reports. That’s where Standup Bot comes in. Type your standup report in your HipChat rooms, and Standup Bot will record them and keep them all in one place for you.

HipChat Standup Bot

There are only two commands you need to know: /standup (text) to record your standup, and /standup to see everyone’s standup. You can also use your right sidebar to create and check out the standup reports at any time. Then you can peruse your team’s reports whenever you want, so you can always know what your teammates are working on.

Standup Bot

With HipChat, you don’t have to traverse time and space just to have a daily standup. In fact, it’s as effortless as sitting down.