4 HipChat features you should be using, but (maybe) aren’t

| April 28, 2017

There are a bunch of ways HipChat saves you time and mental energy, so you can be as productive as possible. Here are 4 of our favorites—if you’re not using them, you’re missing out on some of the simplest yet most effective features we’ve got!

Per-room notifications

Of all the rooms you’re in, some are going to be more high-priority than others. But getting notified for each and every one makes for a lot of noise, and that doesn’t help you focus on what’s really important. Avoid the noise by customizing notifications for each room you’re in.

Hover over the grey bell in the top right corner, and it’ll tell you what kind of notifications you’re getting for the room you’re currently in.

Per room notificationsClick on the bell, and it’ll allow you to choose between loud, normal, or quiet notifications.Per room notifications HipChatNow you can focus on what’s really important. (boom)

Slash commands

Move through rooms, join rooms, and more using just your keyboard. Slash commands let you take actions in the seconds it takes to type them out.

All HipChat slash commands take the form /Command + Text.

Slash Commands for Room Actions

HipChat slash commands

Slash Commands for Status Control

You can enter these commands in any chat window to change your status.

slash commands HipChat

Slash Commands for Message Formatting

Get fancy by adding some formatting to your messages. Or fix mistakes you made in your last message by replacing words.

slash commands ChatOps

Code Syntax Highlighting (/code):

slash commands code formatting

Quote Command (/quote):

slash command quote

Fix Spelling Mistakes (s/):

slash command fix spelling mistake

Emote Command (/me):

slash command emote

Dark mode

Sometimes all it takes to up your productivity is to rest your eyes. If the brightness of HipChat’s default appearance setting is too much for you, dark mode provides a peaceful alternative. (Or a more badass one, depending on how you view it.)HipChat dark modeChanging from light mode to dark mode is easy: click your avatar in the top right corner, click Settings, click Appearance on the left, and switch your theme.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts let you quickly join, create, or close rooms, invite people to rooms, and search room and chat history—all without touching your mouse.

For a list of keyboard shortcuts on the web app while using Windows or Linux, type Ctrl + /. On a Mac, use ⌘ + /.

HipChat keyboard shortcuts

Log in to HipChat now and give them all a try. We bet you’ll find yourself moving through your workflow a whole lot quicker than before.