Putting the “me” in “team”: how to personalize your HipChat apps

| February 28, 2017

You’re a team player, and you put the team first. But to be a great team player, you first have to look out for yourself. We’ve designed HipChat for individuals who build out a team—which means you should be setting up your HipChat integrations and workflow so it works best for you.

The following tips are to help you make the most of your workday, your workflow, and work style. Taking this “me time” will make the “we time” that much more productive.

1. Create space for yourself

Having a space that’s just yours gives you a respite from all the hustle and bustle, as well as a place to store your own stuff. You can pipe integrations into your own private room—your own To-Do list, for example, or your own Google Drive.

This room is also a great place to write notes for yourself or stores files and images. HipChat room
You can also start a 1-to-1 chat with yourself to keep notes and files (yep, you’ll be in your own chat list!). See, talking to yourself isn’t such a bad thing now and then.

2. Use mobile and desktop apps…or not

We build apps across all your devices so that you have choices. There are benefits to using each of our apps, but only if it benefits you. Our customizations are created so you can choose how you want to work.

Our desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux are great for your sit-down time of the day—whether that’s your desk or home. While you can always use our web app, desktop apps give the most native experience, complete with desktop notifications and a dock icon. but if your work starts when you open your laptop and stops when you close it, you don’t necessarily need a mobile app.

HipChat’s mobile apps on iOS and Android liberate you from the stand-still. This means your work is there whenever you need it—on the train, a business trip, or the beach.

Download HipChat apps for free.

3. Get notified how you darn well please

There are all kinds of ways you can get notifications when you’re not on HipChat: email, in-app, SMS, or none at all—it’s entirely up to you.

To change these notifications, click your avatar in the top right corner of your desktop or web app, then click Profile. Go to Notifications in the left side menu.HipChat notification settingsFrom there, pick on which devices you want to get notifications—and you can choose which kind of notifications you want to receive on each one.HipChat notification settingsWe all work differently. This is a way to customize HipChat to your workflow.

4. Dress it up, dress it down

Different people have different needs for how their messages look, and it’s hard to get work done when you have to do more work just to read the things.

We give you the ability to switch around the way your messages appear, so it’s easier for you to read them. If your brain prefers lines of text to snuggle up close, you can do that. If it’s helpful for you to see people’s mention names instead of their own names, you can do that, too.HipChat appearance settingsBesides that, looking at the same thing every day can get boring. So you can change your appearance theme, as well. Choose clean, breezy light mode…HipChat light mode…or embrace your shadow (and rest your eyes) in dark mode.HipChat dark modeSwitch it up based on your mood, or on which one makes you feel more like a badass.

5. Show your status

Taking advantage of your HipChat status helps not only your teammates, but you, too. Sometimes, you’re in full discussion mode, but other times, you just need to be head’s-down. Use your status to show this.
HipChat away statusIf you’re concentrating on a task or in a meeting, set your status to Do not disturb (red) so teammates know that you’re not open to chatting. This will also stop any notifications from coming through. People may still message you, but you’ve shown that now is not the time, so they’ll know to not expect an immediate response.

Just go to your user menu in the top-right corner of your desktop or web app, click Do not disturbHipChat do not disturb…write something that lets your teammates know what you’re up to…HipChat set away status…and you’re set to slay your work without interruptions.

6. Enjoy company culture, if you dig that

Some of us are social butterflies; some of us are more like flies on the wall. Whatever symbolic animal you take on, own it!

HipChat is not only where you team works, but where your team culture thrives. Take a step to create rooms that represent your interests, like Book Club, Sports Fanatics, or Pet Lovers.HipChat roomYou can also have fun with creating custom emoticons of memes, inside jokes, pets (folks at Atlassian have made several emoticons of our dogs), anything your quirky heart desires.

Here are some of our personal favorites. And creating your own is pretty easy.

HipChat custom emoticon maker

When you can work the way you want, you’re empowered to work better—and that helps your whole team to work better, too. Log in to HipChat and tinker with it until it really feels like your own.