Uber for HipChat: When you need to collaborate IRL

| January 27, 2016

Uber for HipChat add-on

A big promise of technology is to make our lives simpler, and in some instances, to solve problems that we didn’t know existed in the first place.

Five years ago we didn’t think twice about hailing a cab or renting a car for the billions of local business trips taken every year. That is until Uber came into our lives and made something we do every day feel magically simple.

In doing so, Uber created a new category of modern day transportation services that have quickly become the de-facto way to get from point A to point B — especially for business. In fact, according to a recent report from Certify, 41% of local business trips in 2015 used Uber, surpassing rental cars and taxis.

But business is about teams, and while it’s quite simple to order an Uber for one person, it can be a laborious task to round up several colleagues to take a trip across town for a meeting, get to and from the office safely, or attend networking events with your team.

And while we love great work, laborious work makes us cringe… because we know there’s a better way. This is why we built the all-new Uber for HipChat add-on. Now you can book, track, and join Uber rides right inside HipChat.

This integration will keep your team moving and connected. Instead of pulling out your phone and bouncing between apps, Uber is right where you need it directly in message. Catching a ride is a cinch, and rounding up employees for an event now takes no more than just a click.

And just like that, the promise of technology has been kept – making our lives simpler in ways we never expected.

How Atlassians Uber

Uber for HipChat add-on

Already, Atlassians have used HipChat’s Uber integration to collaborate and share experiences that deliver real business value.

Quarterly planning

Every team in Atlassian takes a day each quarter to propose and debate what their team will focus on. We find that getting out of the office is the easiest way to focus. Now, we share an address in our team room, and everyone books an Uber to get there. Our arrival status is posted in the team room. Atlassian covers the cost of the ride.

After hours commuting

Atlassian encourages us to work the schedule that suits our team. Often, that means leaving the office after dark. As a policy, anyone who is uncomfortable leaving the office alone is encouraged to book an Uber and Atlassian covers the tab.

Networking events

We’re encouraged to attend Meetups, conferences, and talks to stay abreast of industry trends and develop new skills. Now, we can share a link to a Meetup in our team room, book an Uber, and encourage others to join us. Anyone can join the ride – removing one more excuse we might have about networking.

Get your Uber on

Now it’s your turn to give it a try! Here’s how to set it up:

Note: All new HipChat groups have HipChat Connect already enabled. For an existing HipChat group, just install one HipChat Connect add-on (like Uber!) and it will be enabled for your entire group.

1. First go here, and click “Get it now” at the top. If you are not yet signed into HipChat, you’ll be asked to log in.

2. Then choose which HipChat room to put the Uber add-on into. Don’t worry – you can add it to as many rooms as you’d like!

3. Click “Install” and you’re done! You’ll see notification in the HipChat room you chose that says the add-on has been installed.