HipChat for iOS 2.1 released

| December 11, 2013

It’s our first app exclusively designed for iOS 7

Over the summer we released an all-new version of our iOS and Mac apps. We felt good about the speed and grace with which our native apps supported group chat. But then we noticed that our shiny new app wasn’t behaving the way we expected on iOS 7.

Throughout the fall we’ve been iterating to support Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system. And with good reason. Our friends at Mixpanel cite 80% of iOS web traffic is on iOS 7.

We strive for parity across our native apps. So the change shouldn’t feel too drastic.

Stay Connected on the go with HipChat 2.1 for iOS 7HipChat for iOS 2.1 offers persistent group chat rooms

Download HipChat 2.1 for iOS7

Now, after lots of internal dog-fooding (we’re big iOS7 fans), we’re ready to share our first-ever dedicated iOS 7 app.

In addition to the basic visual fixes we made, you’ll notice:

  • Room topics now properly updated in real-time
  • Support for @here notifications
  • Persistence of message drafts across sessions
  • Automatically sets your status to “idle” when HipChat runs in the background

Note: 2.1 only supports iOS 7. If you are still running on iOS6 then (sadpanda) the app store will not give you the option to upgrade.

  • Pablo Gavilan

    OK. I’m new to hipchat and I want to install the app, but my iPhone is 4s and iOS 7 is too slow. How can I install the previous version?

  • Dan

    I second this! New to hipchat but will stick with Gchat if I have to upgrade my 4s. Can I get my hands on the old app version?

    • http://www.hipchat.com/ Elena Gorman

      Yes, if you are running any OS other than iOS 7 the app store will only show you the options for your particular version. The 2.0 release will work well on iOS 6.

  • Cristina

    Hi, in apple store i can only download the app for ios7. But i have ios6 do you have any link or any solution?

  • http://fuadsaud.github.io/ Fuad Saud

    Still overly buggy.

  • Bill

    I can’t download the 2.0 version. I’m still on IOS 6 but the old version does not seem to be available.

  • luis

    when are we going to get a version that allows you to specify your private hipchat server?