HipChat + Hipmob = Magic — A guest blog post from Ayo Omojola, co-founder of Hipmob

| July 17, 2013

At Hipmob, we try to make it as easy as possible to provide great customer support to your mobile app users and website visitors. As co-founder, I constantly listen for what users (or potential users) complain about, as a way to guide product decisions. Our HipChat integration came out of this process.

As HipChat grew in popularity, tons of customers have wanted the ability to talk to their visitors using only HipChat. Threads such as this one on Quora, this one on the Hipchat forums (with 85 votes!!), and these tweets illustrate this demand. We even had users asking us early on if we could do a HipChat integration.

While not all the requests are technically possible at the moment, we asked ourselves what we could do to solve this problem for users, and voila – we have our Hipchat integration. Our goal was to make the integration as seamless as possible, as well as to make the experience of using it as frictionless as possible.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow the instructions to set up the integration here. You’ll need your HipChat API token to know which HipChat room you want the notifications in.
  2. You can set your Hours of Operation to mirror whenever you’re logged into HipChat. This means that once set up, you never have to keep Hipmob open in a browser tab. As long as you’re logged into HipChat, your customers will see that someone is available to chat. Otherwise, you’ll show up as away (in your mobile app chat or in your website chat). If you’re in Hipmob, just click this button in the top right:

    This button will show you who is “present” at the moment and select HipChat as your presence indicator:

  3. Now, when a visitor to your mobile app or website wants to live chat with you, you’ll get a notification in the specified HipChat room. It will look something like this:

    Click on the URL. You’ll be taken to an in-browser chat window, which has all your customer details as configured and lets you chat with your customers. Multiple team members can jump into a chat if you’d like, or just watch as you talk to your visitors.

That’s a wrap. We’re super open to feedback and very responsive to customers, so drop me a like at ayo@hipmob.com if you have questions, concerns or feature requests!

Thanks for reading,