HipChat for Linux (beta) is here!

| April 03, 2013

Things have been absolutely cooking around here at HipChat! In the past six weeks alone, we launched a native Mac beta, introduced an Android beta app, and made HipChat free for teams of up to 5 users. This past Monday, we even released a brand new feature called Emoticorrect (teehee)!

But we know Linux users have been anxiously awaiting their own native app…

Ever since Adobe AIR stopped supporting Linux, a native Linux app has become our number one customer request. Jason, your wait is finally over: today we’re excited to announce the public release of our HipChat for Linux Beta!

Not only will the new Linux app make it easier for Linux users to install and upgrade HipChat, it’s also super fast. Your HipChat experience on Linux is about to get a whole lot smoother.

Take a look

To reward your patience, we’ve also added some Linux-friendly features such as integrations with standard desktop Linux notifications and tab completion for nicknames.

HipChat for Linux (beta)

Remember: Like the Mac app, this app is still in beta so there will be bugs. We’d greatly appreciate if you report any feedback or bugs.

Known Issues

Windows Users

We haven’t forgotten about you. The Windows app is coming soon and the trifecta will be complete… Sign up to be the first to know.

  • dexter

    Sweet, been waiting for this. Thanks

  • Jason

    Awesome. Actually installed this last night on my Arch Linux machine

  • http://twitter.com/laurentkempe Laurent Kempé

    Can’t wait to see the Windows version!

    • Rohland


  • Annoyed

    Don’t ever put animated emoticons in the news feed of my HipChat client again. And make it go away now.

    • http://twitter.com/Schappi Marcus Schappi

      Perhaps you should get better co-workers who don’t use animated emoticons 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729789178 Vardan Gevorgyan

    Hello, I couldn’t download 64bit version of package for arch linux, it’s always give me 32bit, which pacman not install, because my system is 64bit 🙂

    • gbthedoctor

      The links are swapped: 32 is 64 and vice versa. So if you click on the 32bit link, it will download the 64 version 😛

  • http://twitter.com/SauRjk सौरब राजकर्णिकार™

    I woult rather not have a every notification shown to me, especially the ones I typed and sent.

  • Hardlyworking

    This beta thing is AWESOME!! It never goes to idle mode. So even if I just sleep the day away, it still looks like I’m hard at work! hahaha

    …But I guess you guys are gonna fix this, right?… bummer.

  • http://twitter.com/laurentkempe Laurent Kempé

    Any news about the Windows version?

  • ubuntu

    It doesn’t seem to work *403’s all over the place (Ubuntu 12)

  • Pierce Lopez

    32-bit and 64-bit download links for Arch Linux are mixed up on that download page, had me confused for a few minutes

  • Stephan Kölle

    started only once on Ubuntu 12.04, after that it hangs on startup. Any Tip To Fix This?

  • http://twitter.com/Schappi Marcus Schappi

    Well done guys! Do you have ARM binaries?

  • Miguel Martinez

    Thanks you guys! 🙂

  • antony492

    Never mind all those missing features? It won’t even let me type in the email and password fields when I open it!

  • vkaku


    I’m getting annoyed with the lack of a tray/notification icon. When the HipChat window closes, the program still runs but the Window can never be brought back visible. Please fix this!

  • Al Pop

    Cyrilic doesn’t seem to work. When my input method is set to Bulgarian, when I try to type in the chat windows no input appears (as if I am not typing). Anyone else had that problem? I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and latest version of the HipChat client.

  • Michael Dinsmore

    Awesome — much better than using the web version on Ubuntu 13.10! Works like a charm so far!

  • imdot

    being a person with problems seeing colors, I can say the difference between the names when you get a new message isn’t the best, it should some kinda special char, like a star or be configurable or something

  • imdot

    it would also be great to be able choose a notification sound, as the one it plays is too silent and short for me too hear while listening to admittedly too loud music

  • Saša

    Report bugs page is 404, where to report?

  • Marc Cortinas Val

    Could I install in red hat family? I’m currently uses fedora23 and I would like use it! I try convert with Alien but there are some dependencies….