HipChat for Android Updates

| February 20, 2013

Amid all the excitement over the release of the native Mac client, you may have missed the release of a long overdue update to our Android client. We put in a whole bunch of performance and reliability improvements, @ mention autocomplete, and finally fixed that obnoxious “save password” bug.

What may be more exciting is the release of our new Android Beta client.

Download the HipChat for Android beta

The biggest change you’ll notice is a complete Holo redesign (including the Action Bar pattern, thanks to Jake Wharton’s amazing ActionBarSherlock), but other new features include:

  • Capturing and sending photos
  • Sending other arbitrary files from your device
  • Real time lobby search

Better yet, just take a look for yourself:

Holo redesign Sending files Holo lobby Real-time search

We’d recommend enabling automatic updating if you install the Beta, since new features and fixes should roll out relatively quickly!

Download the HipChat for Android beta