HipChat for Android Updates

| February 20, 2013

Amid all the excitement over the release of the native Mac client, you may have missed the release of a long overdue update to our Android client. We put in a whole bunch of performance and reliability improvements, @ mention autocomplete, and finally fixed that obnoxious “save password” bug.

What may be more exciting is the release of our new Android Beta client.

Download the HipChat for Android beta

The biggest change you’ll notice is a complete Holo redesign (including the Action Bar pattern, thanks to Jake Wharton’s amazing ActionBarSherlock), but other new features include:

  • Capturing and sending photos
  • Sending other arbitrary files from your device
  • Real time lobby search

Better yet, just take a look for yourself:

Holo redesign Sending files Holo lobby Real-time search

We’d recommend enabling automatic updating if you install the Beta, since new features and fixes should roll out relatively quickly!

Download the HipChat for Android beta
  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

    I love you.

  • Tyler

    Hipchat, you rock

  • Luis

    Love the interface, miss the old ringtone. Can you revert to the old ringtone? Or at least add the ability to use your own? I don’t like using the default ringtone for HipChat. I want it to have it’s own distinctive sound.

    • Doug Keen

      Configuring you own ringtone is in the latest update 🙂

  • Patty Anderson

    Wish you could add in the hipchat icon on the task bar a color to let you know if you are available, away or busy.  Would be better to see it at a glance what your status is without having to open up the program.  That’s what IM has. 

  • Whockaday

    You didn’t go into much detail on the “save password” bug… Does this mean that now when I log out of HipChat on my company phone and then hand it to my coworker for his week long shift with it that he will not see all of my incoming messages appear as notifications even when I am logged out?

    • Whockaday

      Oops; I thought the image attachment was for an avatar! I’m surprised you let people upload images here. Neat. I suppose useful for screenshots.

    • Douglas Keen

      Yup, that was another bug that has been knocked out in the beta.  Now, when you manually log out, the phone will also be “unregistered” for push notifications.

  • tonmil

    I like the new feature added to app, But you’ll missed out Exit App Link once user logout. Users have to End It using Task Manager. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikael.hugo Mikael Hugo

    Would be great if it is ported to Blackberry 10 too which is easy from android.

  • JT

    Hi. Any plans to ensure the client is always connected? Whenever I don’t have it in the foreground, it always reconnects whenever I launch it. This sort of negates the point of the client, because as long as I have it launched it should be logged on and push notify any activity.

    • http://www.hipchat.com/ Doug Keen

      You should be able to set it up as you like right now. Open up Settings and check “Stay connected” (note that this setting will likely affect your battery life, though). It’s also worth noting that you’ll still get @ mention, one-to-one message, and room invite notifications even when you’re technically not connected (assuming you have the right settings selected, which they are by default). The only real advantage you gain by staying connected is the ability to get notifications for *all* messages.

  • http://twitter.com/jbruck Jonathan Bruck

    Would love to be able to long press on a link that is being shared in HipChat and get some options like Share / Copy.

  • Charles Roper

    Where do we feed back on the Android beta? I’ve had a look on http://help.hipchat.com/ but there’s no Android client feedback forum, and the suggestions forum doesn’t really fit what I want to say. What I wanted to say was that I’ve just upgraded to an HTC One and push notifications no longer work on the beta client ( whereas they were working just fine on my old Nexus S.