What’s the Word on the HipChat for Mac (Beta)?

| February 19, 2013

This past Valentine’s Day, the HipChat team shared their love for their customers by releasing the native client for the HipChat for Mac beta. Our most voted on feature with over 2600 votes, the Mac client ships with a brand new design, performance improvements and much more. Wow — were we blown away by the feedback!

What are people saying?

Aw thanks guys for the love!

What can you expect next?

We love you too, and our heads are down to keep improving your team’s collaborative experience. In fact, Chris, our awesome OS engineer, just released an update for the Mac beta today. In it, he tackled:

  • Add cmd+f to bring up search UI
  • Added retina versions for app icons
  • Handle dragging images from browsers
  • Add UI for changing topic (double click topic bar)
  • Don’t trigger notifications when the app is focused
  • Add functions for controlling font size (cmd +/-, menu options)
  • The signup and help links on the login screen should no longer show “Random error messages”
  • Set window title when focusing a chat
  • Allow cycling through tabs with keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix font for email in profile sidebar

We’re also working hard to push out the Linux and Windows beta clients as well. Make sure you leave us your email address so we can notify you as soon as they’re ready. Stay tuned as big things are coming this year. Happy chatting!