Something big is coming

| December 04, 2012

We redesigned. We rebuilt. We think you’ll love it.

Some would say it’s the biggest thing to happen to HipChat since HipChat.

Sign up for early access It’s live!

  • Clement

    Link is not working ;(

    • Matt Hodges

      Should be good now, Clement. Sorry for the hiccup 🙂

  • Ben Burton

    Personally, I think you should just let everyone have access to this right away. Because of the broken Adobe AIR update, I haven’t been able to use HipChat at all.

  • Joseph Silvashy

    I want to try it out, but it’s broken.

    • Matt Hodges

      Give it a shot now, Joseph.

  • rhuk

    Our team at RocketTheme has been one of your staunchest supporters plus we have posted numerous suggestions/comments on and we’re all avid mac users.  We’ll make great beta testers for you so please bump us up your list for the early access program 🙂

    • David Brooks

      Ditto. I think any paid users should get access to any beta 🙂

      • Garret Heaton

        Everyone will get access eventually, this is just a way for us to find people who are especially interested in testing an app that will still have bugs. ‘Paid users’ is too big of a group to use for testing, fortunately. 🙂

        • rhuk

          Any updates Garret?

  • Matt Hodges

    Sorry for the busted link, everyone! The service that’s hosting it is having trouble. We’re sorting things out. Right now the page takes a _little_ longer than you’d expect to load. 

  • Jackson


  • Jake McGraw

    Does this mean no more AIR powered client? Oh, praise the lord jeebus.

  • Hecham

    I just hope that you’re not using the stupid Apple style bubbles

  • Carl Hancock

    Just signed up.  We have employees located all over the world so it’s been a great communication tool.  As mentioned by another user above, if there is anyway to get bumped up to access it sooner… we’d love to do so.

  • Adam

    Hey – our team at 500px is testing HipChat, and it’d be really awesome if we could give it a go with the new OS X client…. this Air app is pretty brutal!   Any indication how long the wait for the ßeta is?

  • Austin Baker

    I am just hoping that it has some level of retina support. 

  • Jeff

    Signed up and excited to check it out.  What is the timeline? wondering when to expect to hear back.

  • John

    The beta link is broken ]= 

  • Brad Lang

  • Brad Lang

    This beta seems to be for the OSX client, right?  How far along is the Native Windows client? 

  • Krisstoffer

    Hoping it’s the death of the Air based client – although it’s easy enough to use a jabber related client you lose a ton of inhouse features

  • Rob Lord

    One month later…no beta? What’s haps? 

    • Chris Rivers

      We’re working on it. It’s been just one of us focusing on building it (me) and it’s been over the holidays, which always slows things down. We’re hoping to have something for people to test really soon – just be forewarned, it’s going to be a *beta* not a bug-free-production-client-disguised-as-a-beta 😉

  • Dan Previte

    After HipChat crashed four times today all I can say is OH GOD LET ME IN! 🙂

    I really hope this means the end of AIR.

  • George Erickson

    Any updates here

  • Tariq Zabian

    Any updates on this? My current client is just destroying my CPU usage – its getting rather frustrating. I’ve got about 20 users on this end willing to give the beta a shot. Someone hook it up please 🙂

  • Peter Landry

    I’ll make whatever bribe you deem as appropriate to shoot to the top of this list. AIR. Is. Killing. Me!

  • Will Fitch

    Where is the download link?

  • Ken Wiesner

    Are all beta slots filled?  AIR client on my MacBook Pro w/ Retina is brutal… Would really love a client that didn’t have fuzzy text.

  • Mike Bishop

    Definitely would love to try the mac client… even if it is still buggy. AIR is awful. 

  • Jarodcore

    Love how fast the new UI is. Love everything about it. BUT…

    Where is the search feature? I can no longer search a conversation.

  • Pavel Ushakov

    It’s been two months now 🙂 Where is it?

  • ZjQj

    Uhr. Is this just a Macintosh thing?..

  • CR

    I don’t like the new one. I can’t have the room tabs at the top anymore so I can have more open at a time (having them vertical reduces the number). I also can’t sort by status either. Both of these were very important. Please bring these options back!