Garret Heaton

Prettier and more helpful notification emails

By Garret Heaton | 1 year ago | 3 Comments

We just flipped the switch on some improvements to our notification emails that we’ve been testing internally for a few weeks. Now, whenever you get an @mention notification email it will include other recent messages and be styled just like it is in our apps.

1-1 message notification emails also use this new style but do not include previous messages. We’re working to group them intelligently to cut down on the number of emails you get.


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  • Daniel K

    Very nice, good job :)

  • Cedric Meury

    A new group signed up? Is the group feature in development then? Is there a release date known already?

  • Garret Heaton

    That’s just a message we send into our room using the API whenever a new group (company, team, etc) signs up for HipChat. Letting companies group their users is still something we plan to add but it’s not ready yet.