iOS App Update – Version 1.8

| October 26, 2012

We’re excited to release version 1.8 of our iOS app to the App Store. Our focus this round was on performance improvements (especially for larger groups). The previous app was painfully slow for any group that had more than a hundred users or so and we hope this update helps bring it more on par with the performance enjoyed by much smaller groups. Release notes below:

  • Improvement: Support for iPhone 5
  • Improvement: Greatly enhanced performance during app load and reconnection
  • Improvement: Notifications will be triggered as soon as the app is put in the background
  • Improvement: The lobby will now show the search bar by default (like the Contact app now does)
  • Improvement: Display active chats tab by default
  • Improvement: Active chats list will now mimic the order show in the desktop and web clients
  • Bug fix: Correctly focus chats when opening the app from a push notification

Download it and let us know what you think! Comments and suggestions are welcome as always – just head on over to our help site.

If you’re interested in learning more about the details of how we went about making performance gains, check out our blog post about it.

  • Preston Smalley

    love the focus on performance. thanks guys!

  • Arnaud de Theux

    Great update! Performance and iPhone 5 support, all I needed 🙂

  • Andy M

    Great to see the speed improvements but feature-wise the IOS version is badly lacking.  

    The biggest shortcoming I find is that there’s no way to see the status of users in a room. You really have no idea who’s in a room and if they are away or online.  This is a pretty basic bit of functionality that any chat system needs to have.  This could easily be implemented in a panel/popover.

    Also please extend the timeout on the IOS app.  I know there are restrictions in the SDK, but other chat apps manage to stay connected for 10 minutes or so without forcing a reconnect every time you switch back.  It seems like HipChat’s timeout is abut 60 seconds.  It’s practically impossible to multitask and return to HipChat without a reconnection.  Yes it’s better now reconnection is faster, but it makes using HipChat on IOS an absolute chore.  It’s a vastly more enjoyable experience on Android, and that’s just sad 🙁

  • Charles Alvis

    New User of Hip Chat and started using the IOS App. Every time I try to do a group chat using my iPhone it crashes and exits out. 1 – 1 chats are fine. There needs to be more work done on this app. Very frustrating to use.