Android update: July 3, 2012

| July 04, 2012

If you use the HipChat Android app regularly, you may have noticed some issues with crashes since our last update. Thanks to all our users that helped us figure out the issues and improve the app. After working through a few quirks with our beta distribution service, we’re happy to release our latest update of the HipChat Android app to Google Play.

This release is focused on fixing some particularly annoying crashes that were appearing in our previous update:

  • HipChat will no longer unexpectedly pop to the foreground! Sorry for all our users that experienced this issue.
  • Full names are now displayed in chat (to match the desktop client) – no more ambiguity with names.
  • Fix to avoid reconnect attempts when the sign-in screen is displayed (especially after entering an invalid email or password)
  • Various minor tweaks to avoid app crashes.

Hopefully, users notice a marked decline in crashing issues with this update. Give it a try! If you have any feedback, please let us know at

  • Mark+hipchat

    Maybe I’m too keen, but Google Play is still showing UPDATED:April 25, 2012

    • Chris Rivers

      Our apologies – we often forget it actually takes any time to push an app out on Google Play (consider the App Store regularly takes over a week). It should be updated now.

  • Mihaita Bamburic

    I’m stuck at “Loading” on Jelly Bean 4.1.1. Any ideas?

    • Chris Rivers

      We haven’t tested on JB at all. You can try either signing out and back in or force quitting and restarting. Usually a persistent “Loading…” results from getting into an unknown network state.

  • Peter

    can you now attached pictures and files to chats?

  • Marc Tamsky

    I’m unable to log in with any credentials from our sites xmpp instructions page: 
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Chris Rivers

      Hi Marc. The Android app uses email and password as credentials, not the ones listed on the XMPP instructions page. You will want to log in with the same username / pw that you log into the website with.